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Join us for this 1-hour Q and A session as we explore different methods for engaging audiences with science, working with or in the media, and guidance for aspiring science communicators.

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 Sergei Urban is an author and digital content creator best known for his cross-platform TheDadLab videos, where he shares engaging science experiments and educational activities created with his two young children. With billions of views, Sergei has built a loyal following of over 10 million people across Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and TikTok, creating a supportive community. The family-friendly nature of his content continues to captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.

Helen Briggs is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and lecturer and an emeritus fellow at the Reuters Institute for Journalism at Oxford University. Helen’s work in Science Communication began as a presenter, news reader and reporter for local radio and network radio news, leading to a role as health editor of the BBC News website and science producer on Radio 4’s Today Programme. She has reported on BBC TV, radio and online on some of the big science stories of our time, from decoding the human genome to the coronavirus pandemic and the challenges of biodiversity loss and climate change. Outside the BBC, Helen teaches journalism at the University of Westminster as a visiting lecturer. 

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