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Most people experience self-doubt at some point in their life. We may not feel as knowledgeable as our background suggests or we may attribute our success to luck, secretly feeling that we are not as competent as others perceive us to be. Such thoughts and associated emotions are sometimes referred to as impostor phenomenon (IP). It is difficult to say how many people experience IP as not everyone wants to discuss it. However, some research suggests it is common amongst high achieving individuals such as those working within academia.

This 3-hour workshop will provide a safe and confidential space to explore your unique, lived experience of IP. More generally, it will explore who experiences IP and why they might experience such thoughts and associated emotions. From a practical perspective, it offers up a range of different approaches to help manage feelings of self-doubt and IP.


By the end of this session you will have:

  • Understood what IP is and why you might experience it.
  • Explored the impact of experiencing IP on your life and career.  
  • Identified possible strategies for managing IP. 




24th November 2023 | 09.30 - 12.30


Dr Tracy Bussoli


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