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In the connected and big data era, achieving intelligent and reliable operation of smart cities is aligned with the ambitious targets of the UK for sustainability and reduced emissions by 57% by 2030, while the so called Energy Trilemma (providing affordable, resilient and clean energy) has been identified as a critical issue by the Research Council UK (RCUK), as dealing with resilience and connectedness issues is among its strategic priorities.

i-City is an exciting student competition sponsored by MathWorks and jointly run by MPLS and Reuben College to address these challenges. This will enable:

• enhancing the autonomous and sustainable operation of smart cities both in the UK and at an international level

• drive research and innovation to enable connectedness in urban environments

• use insights from AI & Machine learning, and Sustainability -- two of the main themes at Reuben College -- to reduce the environmental footprint of daily operations in buildings and mobility and enhance their efficiency.

The programme will offer a blend of in-person and on-line workshops, with tools for innovation, generation and development of ideas as well as technical training on AI and Machine Learning, culminating in pitching each team’s solutions.


15th March 2022 10:00-17:00


Book your place on i-City: Mathworks by clicking here.