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Proposed actions

Success measures



Progress update

Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16 May 2021 and 9-15 May 2022  

(Short Term) 

Find out any current plans and mental health activities across all departments. 

MPLS to run a series of Mental Health Awareness Week events in 2021. 

Set up “online suggestion box” to collect ideas from others in MPLS – as part of the ED&I Knowledge Hub. 

MPLS ED&I team will coordinate divisional activity, but help promote and advise on departmental activity.

Successful and engaging programme of activity in both 2021 and 2022.  

Evidence of positive impact on MPLS colleagues and students.  

First programme of activity to be completed in May 2021. 

Second programme to be completed in May 2022.  

Working group and volunteers to decide on and organise the MH Awareness Week events. 

Should rolling events throughout the year be introduced? Could fall into Events Working Group remit. 

MHAW activities complete for 2021 – will feed into potential University-wide events for 2022, but retain divisional events 

[Updated Jan 22] Successful delivery of MHAW in May 2021 with good engagement. Planning for 2022 has commenced.  

Mental Health First Aiders

(Short Term) 

Working group to consider a divisional approach to Mental Health First Aiders across MPLS. 

Gather information to better understand what departments are currently doing (including processes, take-up, lessons learned and impact). 

Develop approach to ensure that trained first aiders are supported (providing supervision and/or opportunities to connect with other first aiders), and the work is monitored and evaluated.  

Evaluate the take-up, impact and effectiveness of this approach, and determine the sufficient number of first aiders for each department depending on size. Aim to have these additional first aiders in place by Trinity 2022. 

Consistent and coordinated MHFA support for the Division. Useful resources available to those who don’t want to speak to an MHFA. Effective monitoring and evaluation in place to track uptake and success, and to prepare future recommendations.  

Minimum of 2 mental health first aiders (or equivalent role) per MPLS department by December 2021. 

Additional First Aiders and supporting analysis to be in place by close of HT22. 

Number of mental health first aiders per department should probably be based on size of department. Cast in terms of number of first aiders per number of staff in department. Gather evidence from current first aiders of capacity and need. 

Consider how the Peer Support programme in MSD (supported by Student Welfare Support Services) could work in MPLS. 

[Updated Jan 22] Initial work identifying existing mental health support across MPLS departments completed. The first Division-wide cohort was trained in September 2021. 2 additional cohorts are being trained in HT22. Working with EDU to develop effective monitoring and evaluation.