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Proposed actions

Success measures



Progress update

Annual forum/conference for departments to present ED&I initiatives and challenges

(Short Term)

Organise a forum or mini-conference on a half or full day each year.

A speaker could be solicited from each department and resources shared afterward via a central hub.

Review success of ED&I Town Hall events at end of TT21. Plan next steps after that. 

Run a Town Hall-type event every term.

Can learn from the 'town hall' events we are now running.

Need a small group to take this forward. Two shorter sessions over the course of the year rather than a full day may be easier and have more total uptake, particularly given current circumstances which necessitate online events.

[Updated Sept 22] MPLS ED&I Town Halls ran successfully throughout 2020-21/2021-22 academic years, including department presentations and a focus on mental health. Will continue to give departments opportunities to discuss different topics, showcase initiatives etc.

Best practices guide for department inductions

(Short Term)

Develop best-practice guidelines from existing department initiatives on how to discuss ED&I in inductions (e.g. current ED&I actions, plans, and pathways for reporting issues).

Distribute guidance back to departments via ED&I fellow representatives.

Ideally a consistent approach to ED&I within inductions across all MPLS departments.

Information gathering to be completed by end of Long Vac 22.

Rollout to departments (if required) to then take a year.

An induction document has been drafted by the MPLS ED&I Manager, with further development from the working group required. Include more examples of good practice.

Induction material is high priority for ECR induction material. We should make sure these are joined up.

[Updated Sept 22] In development, information gathering on what is already happening in departments is ongoing. Guides to be developed throughout 22-23. 

Wording and promotion of job ads

(Medium Term)

Create standard text from the Division for vacancy notices to explicitly invite applications from under-represented groups. Note that URG are currently not defined to include white women, so wording will need to be expanded from that developed from Athena SWAN.

Advertise open posts (academic and professional services) to relevant societies/organisations whose membership represents one or more URG, e.g. Evenbreak. Particular effort should be made to advertise to Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic academic societies e.g. BBSTEM.

Consistent wording used in job ads and other recruitment documents.

More targeted and coordinated adverts to relevant societies and organisations to increase diversity in applications.


Text suggestion has been actioned.

Discussions with HR and EDU required.

There is an issue here about data collection in general - which needs to be better all round. We should focus on recording information on "credible" candidates who meet the essential criteria, rather than applications from people who are not qualified for the role.

[Updated Sept 22] MPLS ED&I team working on sharing best practice on wording for departmental use.

ED&I training across MPLS

(Short Term)

Identify what is already on offer and attend/undertake training to see where we need better provision.

Agree the essential training that needs to be delivered by: a) the University, b) MPLS/Divisions, and c) departments.

Agree an implementation plan and a plan to monitor how training is delivered/undertaken.

Develop a training plan specifically for MPLS, addressing allyship, intersectionality and other key areas of ED&I.

A coordinated approach to ED&I training within MPLS (and more widely if possible) to deliver essential ED&I training.

Work with key networks/ groups including the RETF.

Training plan for MPLS to be developed during 21/22.

The issue of training was raised by all working groups and this is something that EDU are also looking into.

A working group was formed to review current provisions and propose next steps for what changes might be required in MPLS.

A training plan for MPLS is under development.

[Updated Sept 22]  ED&I team have developed and launched a training programme in January 2022, following findings from the Working Group. The team have evaluated uptake and success rates and are preparing for 22/23.

Central hub of ED&I resources from departments/MPLS

(Medium Term)

Determine the best and most effective way to consistently share ED&I resources and information across the Division. (E.g. building a searchable webpage where department comms teams can submit items).

Include useful ED&I information, case studies, news, best practice, example documents and toolkits. A single space for anything related to ED&I.

A constructive, user-friendly hub for MPLS staff and students to learn more about ED&I and find appropriate resources quickly and easily.

Soft launch in the Long Vac 21, with further development until end of MT21.

This space needs to complement the existing ED&I webpages (which are also under review).

Support from departments required to share best practice and good examples.

[Updated Sept 22] In development, will be launched in MT22.


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