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If you are unable to access any of the PDF or Word documents, please contact the MPLS Communications Team.

Guidance Notes on the 'Role of the Internal Examiner' and 'Points to Consider in Appointing Examiners for PGR Examinations

These notes are based primarily on Education Committee or Examination School documents, supplemented where indicated by divisional procedures:

MPLS Additional Notes of Guidance for DPhil/MSc(Res) examiners 

These notes are intended to assist examiners with the completion of their joint report.  They should also be used in conjunction with the University's 'Memorandum for Examiners for D.Phil or M.Sc by Research.


Transfer of Status:

MPLS Transfer of status forms and guidance for assessors - Divisional Templates:

1 - PRS to DPhil 1st Attempt form (Word doc)

2 - PRS to DPhil 2nd Attempt form (Word doc)

3 - PRS to MSc (R) 1st Attempt form (Word doc)

4 - PRS to MSc (R) 2nd Attempt form (Word doc) 


Confirmation of Status:

MPLS Confirmation of status forms and guidance for assessors - Divisional Templates:

1 - Confirmation of DPhil Status 1st Attempt form (Word doc)

2 - Confirmation of DPhil Status 2nd Attempt form (Word doc)