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The following details are needed for the contract and for commencement onto the payroll.

Post: (specify post title, tutorial or non-tutorial fellowship, college):

Name: (as given in the application)

Date of Birth:

Right to Work: (confirm nationality and whether a visa is required, and if so whether Tier 1 or Tier 2 is envisaged) [note 1]

Start date: (confirm with the college before submitting this form; for fixed term appointments also give the end date)

Salary recommendation (grade and point): (confirm fully with the college before submitting this form, and indicate if, unusually, the college offer will differ in grade and point to that of the University. If proposing to appoint above the point normally appropriate to the candidate’s level of experience, details and reasons should be provided). [note 2]

Overscale Salary: indicate if, exceptionally, an overscale salary is required and a request to SAP will be needed (details and reasons should be provided as for high salary offers within scale, above) [note 3]

Conferment of Title: indicate if, unusually, a request to SAP will be needed for the award of Full Professorial title. Specify the title to be sought. [note 4]

Startup Package: indicate any startup provisions where these have already been agreed, including any arrangements agreed for studentships, or arrangements to accommodate a current research fellowship etc.

May work overseas be required? (consider potential for collaborations or fieldwork, and for occasional travel outside Western Europe and the US to conferences)

Occupational Health and Potential Health & Safety issues: (confirm here duties with H&S implications- include items from the hazard list in the Job Description, include any other requirements arising from the appointee’s particular research programme, consider the potential for lone working)



1. If a visa is required, the department provides the necessary documentation to the Staff Immigration Team, including a completed Recruitment Decision form, and initiates the application for a Certificate of Sponsorship.

2. The most common reasons are that the combined University and College stipends are less than current salary, and/or where industry salaries are a factor in particular fields. Reasoning should include:

  • an indication of whether the additional salary is required to secure the candidate’s acceptance
  • evidence that the normal stipend for career the candidate’s stage including all college benefits would be significantly below the candidate’s current or prospective salary
  • assurance that the award of the higher salary would not lead to unacceptable anomalies within the subject area
  • confirmation of whether the candidate would be moving from a fixed-term post to a prima facie permanent one
  • a statement of the consequences if the candidate declines, including comments on the difference in quality between the preferred candidate and any proxime.

3. Agreement for overscale salaries and/or conferment of title upon appointment may take some time, especially if the issue arises out of term. The Academic HR Officer will advise on whether any additional materials are needed to make a case to SAP. For award of title, references not chosen by the candidate, and which specifically address the University’s criteria for Full Professorial Title are required.

4. Consider whether it is possible to suggest that the appointee applies for title via the annual Recognition of Distinction round once they have settled into post.