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Contact information

  • Your name, role, department or college and contact details
  • Name, role and department or college of nominee (supervisor)
  • Nominee’s contact details

Relationship with nominee

Please state briefly the nature of your professional relationship with the supervisor nominated by you (e.g. “Dr X has been my graduate advisor since 2021.”). Please also list any conflicts of interest you may perceive in this application beyond those that would always arise from any nomination of a supervisor.


Describe why you believe that the nominee should receive an award for excellence in research supervision, including how their actions have promoted an inclusive and welcoming environment in which people can thrive and achieve their ambitions and the positive impact that these have had. These could include (but are not exclusive to); actively aiding and promoting the careers of early-career researchers they supervise or mentor; contributing measurably to a healthy, friendly, open and supportive group environment; encouraging self-expression in team members; giving team members opportunities to present their work; giving encouraging, supportive, helpful and prompt feedback on early-career researchers’ work; championing and sponsoring the work of early-career researchers; being available at reasonable notice to discuss concerns, help with technical issues, or discuss personal problems affecting research work; and opening and deploying their network to aid early-career researchers. Nominations will be judged solely on the information you provide (maximum 400 words) and will be treated in confidence.

Agreement and signature

I confirm that the information provided in this nomination is a true representation of the work that the named individual has carried out.