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The focus

For researchers looking to create impact there are lots of tools, skills, and knowledge from the enterprise space that will help you to achieve your goals. This is the golden thread of the Enterprise Short Course Programme.

Forthcoming Short Courses


You have brilliant ideas for research collaboration that could have extraordinary outcomes. But how will you engage the people you are relying on?

For more information: Leading Collaboration - bringing people together to achieve the extraordinary


Previously run in 2023-24

22/02/2024 - RESEARCH IDEAS WITH ENTERPRISE TOOLS: research project planning - delivered by dr emma williams

Bringing all aspects of your research project together for presentation, dissemination or applying for funding can be really tricky. How do you know you have everything?

For more information: Research ideas with enterprise tools: Research Project Planning


16/11/2023 - pitching yourself: how to get people interested in you and your research - DELIVERED BY DR EMMA WILLIAMS

The aim of this course is to make sure others hear your message! Communicating your research ideas, selling your skills and experience or telling people about your business venture - all quick pitches that should leave the listener wanting to know more.

For more information: Pitching yourself - How to get people interested in you and your research


9/11/2023 - Pitching for funding - delivered by dr emma williams

Those with money need to know about you and why they should place their investment in you and your venture. This may be a pitch for research funds, a pitch in an enterprise competition or a presentation asking for an R&D budget.

For more information: Pitching for funding



Please complete an Expression of Interest form to let us know which short course you are interested in. When registration opens for courses you'd like to hear about, we will contact you with more information. 

For more information or any queries please contact Sally Charles.