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Your department will provide this course, or something similar, to help you make a good start to your DPhil.

course details

This session is provided in your department for first year DPhil students, by later year students.

 The session’s title may differ from department to department – examples might be Designing a Successful DPhil or Transfer Workshop; however the content will be broadly the same in every department and will typically cover: 

  • Taking ownership of your DPhil and developing the right approach to it
  • Managing your supervisory relationship productively
  • Managing your Time
  • Troubleshooting
  • Resources and support available
  • Keeping a healthy balance

 The graduate student committee in your department will organise the workshop and circulate details about it, so if you would like to know more please contact them. If you are not sure how to contact your student committee, your graduate administrator or secretary will be able to help.