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Information on training and development entitlements for research staff.

Researchers talking in front of a research poster

Time for training and development

Research staff in MPLS are entitled to a minimum of ten days per annum for their professional development and training.

Training and professional development is defined as anything that enhances your skills and ability to do your work; and is applicable to your current role or your future career.  You should agree when these days can be taken well in advance with your Principal Investigator, and they should be discussed in your annual Career of Personal Development Review.  Read the MPLS policy on the entitlement to training and professional development days in full.

A development review

All contract research staff and research fellows in the MPLS Division are entitled to receive a development review during the first six months of employment either from their PI or another senior member of faculty, and then an annual development review thereafter.

The purpose of the development review is to give you an opportunity to reflect on your current work, and develop a plan for the future, whether in academia, industry, public service or elsewhere.  The review is not linked in any way to references, discipline, reappointment or promotion.

The manager responsible for HR in your department will be in touch to let you know when your review is due and will explain the procedure. You will be responsible for completing a form in advance of a meeting with your reviewer. That form will prompt you to think about your achievements to date in a number of different areas, your career objectives, and your next steps in order to meet those objectives. You will also need to update your CV. You will then send the form and your CV to your reviewer and meet to discuss what you can do over the next 6 to 12 months to set you on the path to achieve those career objectives. 

If you wish, you may choose someone other than your line manager or the PI in your research group to do the review.

template for conducting a development review and a guide for Principal Investigators conducting a development review are available here. Researchers as well as Principal Investigators may find these useful in preparation for the review:

In the meantime, you may wish to update your CV and start the process of thinking about your career plans with your colleagues or the Careers Service (which also provides one-to-one advice).

Fellowship opportunities

The training courses we provide within MPLS are free for research staff in the Division. However many external training and development opportunities are provided at a cost. A number of organisations provide support to researchers, particularly those early in their career, to enable them to advance their careers as independent researchers. They are usually targeted at specific research areas or specific groups. Colleges also offer Junior Research Fellowships. More information about Fellowship opportunities relevant to MPLS.


The Lockey Committee makes grants for attendance at overseas scientific conferences and symposia. The fund is aimed at academic and research staff who hold a doctorate and are members of Congregation, but applications are also considered from postdoctoral research workers etc. who are not members of Congregation. Applications should be submitted by the end of Seventh Week. More information about the Lockey Fund and an application form.