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These self-paced courses, created by the National STEM Learning Centre to support STEM Ambassadors, take you through the key ingredients of creating high quality activities that cater for young people, and covers diversity and inclusion, too.

The National STEM Learning Centre who coordinate the STEM Ambassador programme has created a series of online courses that you can do for free, in your own time, covering how to create inspiring and engaging practical activities, promote diversity, connect the curriculum to careers, and on how to evaluate and collect feedback.

Whilst these are geared to STEM Ambassadors, they are valuable for anyone who wants to work with young people, both inside and outside of schools.

These courses are self-paced, taking around 2 weeks to complete in your free time.

Learn how to design effective activities as a STEM Ambassador or volunteer in science, tech, engineering or maths.

Discover resources that inspire, and promote diversity.

Improve your communication skills when delivering practical activities in STEM subjects and volunteering with young people.

Designed for teachers but a useful insightful to see how you can support curriculum-linked activities that provide insight into STEM careers.

Learn how to obtain and use feedback to help you improve your volunteering and STEM activities with young people.


The National STEM Learning Centre mainly supports teachers, but they also collect a huge array of resources for teaching in schools, home-schooling and at-home activities. If you're looking for inspiration for how to create activities or resources it's always worth checking this first a) to make sure it hasn't already been done b) to help you pitch your activities to the right level and c) inspire you with the sorts of activities that teachers/parents might be looking for.