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Director of Graduate Studies

Email Address


Professor C Maclean


Dr M Galpin, Associate Head of Department (Teaching) and Director of Studies for Chemistry 

Dr J Thomson,      Deputy Director of Studies for Chemistry

      Inorganic Chemistry

Professor M Hayward

      Organic Chemistry

Professor J Robertson

      Physical &       Theoretical Chemistry

Professor W Barford


      Chemical Biology

Professor J Robertson

Computer Science

Professor J Barrett

Earth Sciences

Dr J Wade

Engineering Science

Dr D Eakins


Dr A O Taylor


Professor T Sanders

(admissions and all paper-work from transfer onwards) &

Professor C Reisinger (skills training and research students up until transfer application made)



Professor G Cotter

(Associate Head of Department & Head of Graduate Education)


Professor A Slyz

      Atmospheric, Oceanic and    

      Planetary Physics

Professor D Grainger


      Atomic and Laser Physics

Professor P Norreys

      Condensed Matter Physics

Professor P Radaelli

      Particle Physics

Professor J Tseng

      Theoretical Physics

Professor A Louis


Professor J Berestycki