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This section contains essential information and links regarding visas and immigation.

Visas and Immigration

The Student Information and Advisory Service provide visa and immigration information to new applicants and to current students studying at Oxford. This includes how to obtain a visa to study whether you apply from overseas or within the UK, correcting visa errors, information about your status and your legal obligations, immigration for family members,  travel during your stay and staying on to work after your studies. The visa and immigration advisors can assist you during your studies by providing information about extending your visa, travelling outside the UK during your stay and explaining the rules about working during your studies.

If you are a holder of a Student visa the University and student have certain obligations to inform UK Visas and Immigration if your circumstances change during your studies. The University is obliged to tell UK Visas and Immigration about any students who fail to arrive for the start of a course, withdraw from a course, defer or suspend their studies, or are unexpectedly absent for a significant period of time. It is your responsibility to keep to the conditions of your visa and to make sure you do not stay beyond its end date, unless you have put in a renewal application. If you break the conditions, you could be prosecuted or made to leave the UK and it could make it more difficult for you to get another visa.