There is student representation at department, division and University levels.

Department level

All students at every level of each course will have access to representation at department level. Each department in MPLS will have:   

  • A staff-student committee for two way dialogue and consultation. This may be known as the Joint Consultative Committee. Typically there will be one committee for undergraduate students and one for postgraduate students. There may be staff-student committees for individual MSc courses.     
  • Student representatives who are members of the teaching or academic committee where decisions are made by the department on your course     

Divisional level

Isabel Creed

At divisional level, there is a Graduate Joint Consultative Forum (GJCF).

There is a student representative from each department on this committee (see the list on the GJCF page), as well as the MPLS student representative (see below) and Oxford SU representatives (see below).   

Students are also represented on the key decision making bodies in the division: MPLS Divisional Board (covering broad strategy for research, education, infrastructure and finance), MPLS Education Committee (covering undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes), MPLS Graduate School Committee (covering doctoral programmes).

The MPLS divisional representative for postgraduate doctoral students is currently Izzy Creed who can be contacted at

MPLS has created a Handbook for MPLS Student Representatives which outlines their roles and responsibilities, introduces the two current representatives (Izzy Creed for PGR and Victor Vescu for UG and PGT), and gives information about MPLS Committee structures and key contacts and resources for student reps.

University Level

At University level, students are represented on the key University decision-making bodies, including Council, by the Oxford SU.

Oxford SU offer a range of training opportunities for course representatives. Contact:

University policy on student representation and engagement