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This section provides essential information for those students who are funded by a Research Council (BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, NERC, STFC), which includes links to relevant information and resources.

Research Councils webpages:

BBSRC         EPSRC         MRC         NERC         STFC

Policy and Frameworks:

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have developed a Statement of Expectations for Doctoral Training which lays out common principles for the support of all Research Council students. Further information can be found here.

Researchfish and research outcomes reporting:

Researchfish is an outputs collection system used by the UK Research Councils (and a range of other funders) to collect information on the outputs and outcomes produced by the students and researchers that they fund.

A helpful short video ‘quick guide to entering your data into Researchfish’ can be found here.

Further information can be found here and here.

Gateway to Research (GtR):

GtR is a web-based portal where information about funded research is published.  The aim is to assist businesses and other interested parties to identify potential partners in research organisations to develop and commercialise knowledge, and thereby increase the impact of publicly funded research. It provides better access for the research community, business and the public to information on research funded by the seven Research Councils and the Innovate UK.

Further information on what is displayed in GtR can be found here. Note: the project summary (abstract) is a key piece of content for display in GtR and it must be suitable for publication and not contain sensitive or confidential information.

Thesis Embargoes & Complying with Research Council policies:

The UKRI Policy on Open Access can be found here.

The University of Oxford is committed to the widest dissemination of research theses produced by its graduate students. Students following D.Phil and M.Sc. (by Research) programmes and registered from 1st October 2007, are required to deposit a hardbound and a digital copy of their thesis with the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA), which is the University’s repository for the scholarly research output of its members. If, for good reason, you do not wish your thesis or part of it to be made available for consultation or reproduction, either in print or in digital form or both, you may apply to the relevant board for dispensation for a limited period from this requirement by completing the dispensation from consultation form (GSO.3C).