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A list of current Doctoral Training Programme Directors is below: 

Doctoral Training Programme

Course Directors

Email Address

Autonomous Intelligent Machines & Systems CDT

Professor A Rogers

Professor M Osborne

Biomedical Imaging CDT

Professor P Jezzard

Cyber Security CDT

Professor A Martin


Diamond Science & Technology CDT

Professor J Smith

Environmental Research DTP

Professor D Marshall

Future Propulsion and Power CDT

Professor P Ireland

Gas Turbine Aerodynamics CDT

Professor L He

Health Data Science CDT

Professor J Davies

Industrially Focused Mathematical Modelling CDT

Professor C Breward

Inorganic Chemistry for Future Manufacturing CDT

Professor S Aldridge

Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP

Professor G Preston

Professor E Becker

Mathematical Modelling of Random Systems: Analysis, Models and Algorithms CDT

Professor R Cont

Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning CDT

Professor J Rousseau

New and Sustainable Photovoltaics

Professor H Snaith

Partial Differential Equations Analysis & Applications CDT

Professor G-Q Chen

Professor E Suli

Renewable Energy Marine Structures CDT

Professor B Byrne

Science and Application of Plastic Electronic Materials CDT

Professor L Herz

Science and Technology of Fusion Energy CDT

Dr D E J Armstrong

Statistical Science CDT

Professor A Doucet

Professor Judith Rousseau

Sustainable Approaches to Biomedical Sciences CDT

Professor D Gavaghan


Synthesis for Biology & Medicine CDT

Professor M Willis

Professor J Burton

Synthetic Biology CDT

Professor A Papachristodoulou


Theory & Modelling in Chemical Sciences CDT

Professor M Wilson

Wind and Marine Energy Systems and Structures CDT

Professor C Martin