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  • Registration once a year (confirm personal and academic details, via student self-service)
  • Submit a GSR report each term (including submitting your preparation for transfer of status and preparation for confirmation of status forms at the appropriate time)
  • Complete the University’s Research Integrity Training (must be done before applying for transfer of status)
  • Transfer of Status from PRS to either MSc by Research or DPhil (complete GSO.2.MPLS) 
  • Confirmation of DPhil Status (for DPhil students only) (complete GSO.14.MPLS)
  • Application for appointment of examiners (complete GSO.3)


  • Submit a digital copy of your thesis via the Research Thesis Digital Submission (RTDS) Portal (complete GSO.3a & 26)
  • Viva date arranged by internal examiner
  • Submit minor corrections (if necessary) to examiners
  • Submit a hardbound copy of the thesis for the Bodleian Library to the Research Degrees Team, Examination Schools with loose copy of abstract                                
  • Submit thesis electronically via ORA (only for students admitted from October 2007)
  • Result notification letter sent to you from the Research Degrees Team (RDT), Examination Schools
  • Book graduation ceremony
  • Receive Degree Certificate following degree ceremony
  • Request degree confirmation letter from Degree Conferrals Office (if required)