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Student Name:

1. Brief summary of the work I was planning to complete (approximately 300 words)


2. A further statement of the work I have been/was able to conduct while my laboratory space has been closed, if different from (1). (no more than 300 words)


3. Detailed plans/protocols for specific studies that I was intending to conduct. If appropriate – for example if it demonstrates the feasibility and/or likely success of your research project – you may wish to include these. It could then form a basis for discussion at the Transfer assessment meeting and give assessors additional information as to the volume and standard of the work completed and planned on which to make a decision regarding the outcome of the Transfer process.


4. If appropriate, you may wish to provide brief excerpts or details from your Covid-19 log if this information has not already been captured in (i) and (ii), above. Examples where this might be appropriate include where you have experienced changed personal circumstances (such as ill health or additional caring responsibilities), have returned to clinical service, or have worked in a voluntary capacity in testing or for a project other than the focus of your own DPhil research. Note: Inclusion of material detailing personal circumstances is at the discretion of the student. Information that is provided will be treated by transfer assessors in confidence and will in no case be used to the student’s detriment. Should you wish to provide such information this can be provided on a separate page, if preferred.


5. A brief summary of the work planned when laboratory access is regained, in order of priority and taking account of possibly limited access times so that work needs to be more systematically planned around what needs to be conducted in person in a laboratory or facility and what such as data analysis can be conducted from home. This summary should seek to look 6 months ahead in the planning given. (no more than 300 words)