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MPLS PGR reps with David Gavaghan and Helen BeauchampIntroduction from the MPLS PGR Rep, Daiki Tagami

My name is Daiki, and I am a DPhil student in statistics. I am doing research in the probability group and in the Big Data Institute to develop a new technique to analyze the human genome data in genome-wide association studies. I served as the departmental representative for statistics in the GJCF meetings last year, and I am very pleased to become the student representative for the MPLS division this year.

Ever since I came to Oxford, I have been delighted to work on the world’s best research project with the most talented students. However, we have been hearing concerns from students regarding conference funds since last year, and we hope to prioritize in resolving the issue. We are planning to give out a survey to students soon through the Student Union, so we hope that you can fill out the survey for us to make our Oxford community better!

Other Members:

Patrick Nairne (Mathematics)

Hi, I'm a fourth year DPhil student studying mathematics. My field is called "geometric group theory" which involves applying ideas from geometry to algebra. Before I was at Oxford, I studied maths at the University of Bristol. I'm also a DPhil representative in the CCG committee which discusses issues affecting mathematics postgraduates. Aside from my DPhil, I co-organise an outreach event called PhD Your Way which explains UK maths PhD opportunities and applications to undergraduates.

Ernest Wu (Biology)

Hi everyone! My name is Ernest Wu, third year DPhil in the Department of Biology. Throughout my academic and research experiences both in Oxford and prior in Canada, I really enjoyed working and collaborating with others from different backgrounds and being exposed to the diversity of knowledge and they contribute. This year I’m excited to represent the biology department at the MPLS JCF. I hope to work with other JCF members to raise issues that matter to STEM DPhil students to our division and make our division a more inclusive place.

Katherine Faulkner (Earth Sciences)

Hello! My name is Katherine, and I am a palaeobiologist reading for Environmental Research (NERC DTP) in the Department of Earth Sciences. Our department is diverse in its research themes and provides first-year support through the weekly Graduate Research Seminar. Moreover, our gorgeous rooftop is a common hangout for tea and Friday happy hours.

Raman Van Wee (DTC)

Hi! I’m Raman, a second year PhD student on the Chemistry in Cells programme in the Doctoral Training Centre working in the Departments of Chemistry and DPAG. My PhD revolves around the study of protein assembly using light-based microscopy, but outside the lab you can find me on the judo tatami, squash courts or one of Oxford’s many fantastic museums. During my time as representative I hope to leverage my past experience in similar roles at my former institution in my home country, the Netherlands to make the MPLS division even better than it already is!