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This form can be used to help prepare you for your confirmation of status. The questions are designed to help you reflect on the criteria your assessors will be considering for your confirmation assessment.


Does/will your work/research make a ‘significant and substantial contribution’ to your field of study (DPhil) (provide a brief explanation of what that is or will be, and what type of evidence you will provide to demonstrate this e.g. poster, publications, chapters etc.) 


To what extent are you confident in the depth of your knowledge of the literature in your area of research, commensurate with holding a DPhil in that area? 


Consider the work you have produced/completed to date. How confident are you in it and that it is at the right level for inclusion in your final thesis? 


Think about your path to completing your thesis, do you understand what your next steps are (including timescales for finishing and writing up)? 


Do you have all the resources you need in place for completing your research, e.g. equipment etc.? If no, please provide details. 


To what extent do you think you are working as an independent researcher?  Please provide some examples of this, e.g. taking ownership/lead of your project etc. 


To what extent do you work as part of a team (only complete if applicable)? 


How confident are you that you will finish within the time remaining (e.g. within the next three months)?  Do you have enough funding to cover this period? Do you or your supervisor have any concerns about your funding? 


Are there any factors that might threaten/impinge upon the successful completion of your thesis? 


What academic training have you attended/identified? What further training might you need? 


Have you begun to consider your career post DPhil and have you undertaken any activities in support of this, e.g. professional development? 


What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses of your thesis?